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By Ediz Ulutas

During the first lesson we talked about the test, and we corrected it together. Yeah, it wasn't my day :-) But it doesn't matter.

A few minutes later we began to do some grammar tasks in our Cambridge book on page 41. I think it was about how to spell different jobs. Also during the second lesson, we began to read some exercises and fill in the gaps with the right words. Although I thought it would be easy, it wasn't.

We completed the exercises very quickly, so we had a lot of time to play a game called «TRIVIAL PURSUIT». The basics of the game are to ask the person next to you questions. The first questions were very difficult, so Mr. Feurer chose questions which were less difficult than the first ones.

An example: Who discovered gravity?

A) Einstein

B) Bill Gates

C) Newton :-)

On the whole, it was a nice lesson!


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