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By Jelscha Burlet

At the beginning of the lesson, we discussed the things we were going to do. After that, Serena introduced herself. Then we talked about Halloween, and Mr. Feurer showed us his Japanese Halloween candies. All of us were allowed to eat one piece of chocolate.

Before we started to do the grammar work, our teacher explained to us the game we were going to play at the end. Then we started correcting the pages in our book. Because we had already done our homework before the holidays, we were finished quickly.

Five minutes later we did a listening test together. It was about tourists and life in Paris. We talked about the people and corrected the test together.

After twenty minutes, we were finished and started to play the game. In the game you were sitting in a circle so you could see all the other students. Then you had to read the questions on your phone. One of us always had no questions, and we had to find out who it was. This game was very funny :-)

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