By Bastien Dousse

The lesson began at 10.10 am. During the first hour we did exercises in the book, and I had to catch up on the listening exam which I missed last week. While I took the test, the other pupils continued with the exercises in the book. My exam lasted 30 minutes. During the second hour we corrected the exercises in the book. Then we continued with the writing. We had to write a text about «the best night out» which we ever had. During the third hour we played two games in English. Then the lesson of November 21, 2017, ended.

Die Roboter sind los

Auch in diesem Schuljahr sind die Schüler des Wahlpflichtfaches Robotik sehr kreativ in der Umsetzung einzelner Projekte. Seit den Sommerferien erarbeiten sie jeweils am Montagnachmittag während zwei Lektionen ein kleines Projekt. Dabei wird mit Lego Mindstorms gearbeitet. Eine kleine Kostprobe aus dem Wahlpflichtfach bietet folgendes Video.

Roter Platz / Piazza Rossa / Place Rouge

Unser Anno Intermedio/Année Intermédiaire «übernimmt» den Roten Platz ... Il nostro Anno Intermedio/Année Intermédiaire «conquista» la Piazza Rossa ... Notre Anno Intermedio/Année Intermédiaire «conquiert» la Place Rouge ...


Due to the fact that last week's exam failed to produce the desired grades, I decided to let my students repeat it to get some more practice. Once finished, they were allowed to have a go at another listening test. To top it all off, only the better of the two exams counted ;-) And what would a Tuesday morning be without another round of «Fakin' It»?

Exam Time

Once again it was time for an exam. This time my students had to listen very carefully before choosing the right answer. The questions were quite challenging. No sooner had they finished than there was a 5 minute break followed by work as usual. «Reading and use of English» demanded the students' undivided attention. Another round of «Fakin' It» was the reward for their endeavor.

By Jelscha Burlet

At the beginning of the lesson, we discussed the things we were going to do. After that, Serena introduced herself. Then we talked about Halloween, and Mr. Feurer showed us his Japanese Halloween candies. All of us were allowed to eat one piece of chocolate. Before we started to do the grammar work, our teacher explained to us the game we were going to play at the end. Then we started correcting the pages in our book. Because we had already done our homework before the holidays, we were finished quickly. Five minutes later we did a listening test together. It was about tourists and life in Paris. We talked about the people and corrected the test together. After twenty minutes, we were finish