By Natalia

Daniel started the lesson by giving us back our homework. We had to write a letter to a friend. While he returned the letters and showed us our mistakes, we had to play a short game. It was a game with cubes where we had to make stories with the pictures on them. When he finished explaining our mistakes to us, we had to present our stories. After the 5 minute break, we took a listening and a speaking test. The listening was about reporters, and the speaking was about finding mistakes. Last but not least, we played our favourite games to end the lesson perfectly.

By Nicolas Heber

Hey, I’m Nicolas, and today it's my turn to write this blog entry. Before the lesson started, we played a game with the Story Cubes ( It was about a holiday, a tent and a grandma if I remember it correctly. I don’t remember all the details anymore, but the story had a happy ending. In the first lesson we had to give our homework to our teacher, and then right after that we had to work in our books because we had one student in our class which had to write the English test. That meant we had to be as quiet as possible. Later we took a short break. In the second lesson we took a look at our homework and corrected it. We had to write about our best friends. In th